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Sexy Stagette & Bachelorette Parties

Chances are you are the lucky maid of honour desperately seeking the perfect evening of entertainment for your best friend’s stagette!! You’ve googled the strip-a-gram~~ you’ve sought out the local ladies night~~ but it all seems so DONE!  Well fear not fair friend—you’ve found Hanky Panky!  We can offer you, the bride and all of her friends a hilarious evening to remember!  We specialize in catering our home parties to the needs of the customer.

Here is just a sampling of some of the parties we’ve hosted in the past;

  • Pre-night club “quickie” parties. We can adapt our presentation to accommodate other activities
  • Hotel “suite” parties
  • Afternoon garden/patio parties
  • Tactful and conservative presentations to respectfully accommodate all types of guests
  • Parties that include games and activities, or perhaps none at all!
  • Events that may also include strippers( although Hanky Panky does not directly provide this service, we can connect you with an agency that hires out exotic dancers)

At Hanky Panky the Bride gets PAMPERED!

BrideAnyone who decides to host a Hanky Panky Adult Home Party automatically becomes eligible for fabulous free gifts and exciting product discounts. Often with Stagettes, the hostess may choose to give those benefits over to the blushing bride!  Some groups also choose to “put into the pot” with each guest giving the bride some spending cash for the night.

What bride wouldn’t love the chance to shop for exquisite romantic items to lavishly use on her honeymoon? Our product selection goes well beyond the vibrator—the bride and her guests can choose from divine body and massage products, a sexy selection of books and titillating games or accessories.

Fun and Games

Our consultants can work with you to creatively come up with fun and flirtatious games to make this a special evening to remember. Here are a few examples…….

Sexy advice

Get some construction paper and cut pieces into the shape of small hearts (or a penis shape for a racier version of the game!). Distribute them to all of the guests and ask them to write some advice for the bride like, "never go to bed mad."

Place the completed hearts in a vase and ask the bride to read them out loud. All of the guests can share a chuckle over the sage wisdom offered, then you can collage all the answers onto some poster board making a wonderful keepsake for the bride!


Get yourself some mardi gras type beads from a local party supply or dollar store.

As each guest arrives they are given their own necklace. Explain that these are special Manly-Man Beads and that if you don't act like a manly man, they will be taken away. After everyone has a string of beads and understands the rules, the game begins.

The Rules: Manly men do not cross their legs. So to keep your Manly- Man beads you cannot cross your legs or ankles. If another player catches you with your legs crossed, she can steal all of your beads. Manly men do not complain about guys, say they've broken a nail, whine about gaining weight, or talk about Brad Pitt!!

The Man-Beads Game is easy-to-play and requires little supplies. You will soon find out who, out of your group of friends, is the girly-girl.

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