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Stumped for a Fundraiser idea? You know how hard it can be to rally support behind the tried and true tactics of bake sales and car washes~~ why not try something COMPLETELY different?  Who knew that shopping for vibrators could also raise funds for local charities and community groups?? There will be no more coercing anyone into buying Aunt Jane’s apple crumble.  Guests at your Hanky Panky party will be scrambling to purchase products that will help you reach your donation target—and it sure as heck ain’t fattening!!

Hanky Panky parties are an entertaining and educational way for people to get to know sex toys and other assorted adult novelties. We carry a wide array of sumptuous body products, books and games to satisfy every customer’s taste!  You can expect a sophisticated presentation offered with honesty, humor and wit. While we help you reach your financial objective, your guests will experience a memorable evening out.

Open your mind to the possibilities!

  • Let us help you reach your fundraising goal for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer (http://www.endcancer.ca/)!
  • Generate support for your sporting team
  • Raise funds for local women’s programs
  • Collect money to fund health research

If you have a non-profit project you are looking to boost, contact our head office to explore how Hanky Panky might assist you in achieving success!  With very little planning and by simply inviting 10 or more of your friends, family, and co-workers to your home for a fun evening, your organization can easily raise hundreds of dollars for your cause in a matter of only a few hours AND having a fabulous time doing so.  You invite your guests and we’ll take care of the rest!

Contact Hanky Panky and we can explain in more detail the benefits of hosting a Fun-raising party and connect you with a consultant in your area.

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